Our Articles at Celebrator Beer News

Among the many features and columns we did for the print version of Celebrator beer news – may it rest in peace and continue online – enjoy the photos from our look into the opening of Admiral Malts in Alameda, California in late 2017.

Kilning It In California.

We surveyed the gathering of craft brewers in 2018 in Tennesee for the World Beer Cup, conference and trade show:

Craft Brewers Conference and World Beer Cup Wraps Up in Nashville

The two of us have been involved in every SF Beer Week — here’s our wrap-up of the intensely collaborative SF Beer Week 2018 for the Celebrator:

San Francisco Beer Week 2018 Unites Breweries

You’ll find years’ more in the Celebrator archives. In the last year, we’ve shifted to writing for other outlets, including our own, but the Celebrator has a place in history and our hearts.

Steve Shapiro and Gail Ann Williams at Drakes Brewing for the making of the 30th Anniversary beer for the Celebrator, tellingly named ” -30- ” to end it all.

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