Stories at Beer Advocate magazine

We have enjoyed writing for Beer Advocate.  Here are some stories we’ve done there:

A Nanoblendery Grows in Belgium: New Stirrings in the Old World of Lambic Beer A feature by 

In a region of Belgium best known for orchards and vineyards, 32-year-old Raf Souvereyns is reviving Lambic production with his small blending operation, initially known as Bokkereyder.*  Connoisseurs worldwide are taking notice of the passionate operation now dubbed Methode Goat.

Feral Ones: The Unlikely Origins of Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks, a feature by

How Barrelworks, Firestone Walker’s sour and wild beer program, got its unlikely start from a risky and unauthorized side project by two brewing professionals who had previously dedicated their careers to eradicating beer-spoiling bacteria.

The Rarest Barrel: pH1’s Influence and Inspiration by  

The journey of pH1, a French oak wine barrel that ignited American sour beer history, begins at New Belgium in Colorado, and then has a major impact on Russian River Brewing Co. and The Rare Barrel, the Berkeley Sour Beer Co. named in its honor.


Beer Advocate had a good run as one of the strong independent voices in American beer media, led by Ben Keene, whose editorial guidance we respect.

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